More Trouble for Comedian Katt Williams?

We’ve been trying to avoid the train wreck, commonly known as, Katt Williams, because the once popular funnyman seems to be getting into trouble every other day. If you don’t know,  he’s been getting into a string of bazaar altercations in the past month – from bar fights, to strange stage behavior, and even physical assaults — and, according to TMZ, it looks like the drama train kept rolling for Williams on Thursday night.

Katt Williams, was apparently waiting for his tour manager, Suge Knight (did you know Suge Knight was his manager!?!) outside of Subway sandwich shop in Cali, when police, who received a phone call claiming the comedian was involved in some type of “disturbance”, rolled up, handcuffed him and placed him in the back of a squad car.

Now, he was eventually let go but he tells TMZ that police found a gun and weed on him but let him go because he had licenses for both. Police on the other hand say all they discovered was an empty clip for a .45.

What the so called disturbance was, no one knows. A Subway employee says he didn’t see anything rowdy go down. 

In any case, this basically boils down to minor brush with the law. He wasn’t charged with anything, which is good cause he has more important things to worry about.  At least he and Suge, who was busy getting a mani and pedi at the time, got their sandwich’s (we assume they 5 dollar foot longs). 

[Cited//Photo: TMZ]


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