Flesh Eating Zombie Parasite Killing Our Tasty Fish

When the history books are written (probably on a blog), this moment will mark the start of the zombie apocalypse: According the a new study, a parasitic flesh eating creature is slowly destroying the salmon population in the atlantic. This is really terrible, mostly because salmon is so tasty, and we humans are the only ones that should be eating them out of existence.

In the study, reported by the Daily Mail, researchers found that 39 percent of salmons are being lost the deadly parasite – which feeds off of the skin, mucus, and blood of the fish – and the actually rate could be as high a 50 percent.

Salmon Louse; Parasite

What the hell, man!?! Can’t we have anything good to eat without some sort of deadly something or other mucking it up? And what if this parasite become sentient and decides that human meat would be a better delicacy than sushi? Oh, well, guess along with cold nasty winter storms, we can chock this on the shit-to-worry-about list.

[Cited: Daily Mail //  Photo Via: Tofuthedog ]