Watch| Promo for Arsenio’s return to TV

Remember when you asked your self where’s that other guy from coming to America? The one that’s not Eddie Murphy? You know Semi? Still no bells? Well, he had a show in the 90’s which was very popular and is making a come back in the fall of 2013. Check out the promo for his return to television.

He played like three roles in the movie. You have to remember him. He was on celebrity apprentice….Forget just enjoy the trailer.


Watch| The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Trailer

Check out the hilarious trailer for the new comedy movie “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” starring comedy all stars Jim Carrey and Steve Carell joined by Steve Buscemi (Broadway Empire), Olivia Wilde (Almost all the movies of 2012) and James Gandoflini (Sopranos – Yea, you read that right.)The film pits Jim Carrey’s portrayal of a Criss Angel/David Blaine hybrid magician versus Steve Carell’s old fashion magician in a quest to glory in this laugh out loud edition of magician rivalry. Finally, some one addresses the non magical displays of endurance. Last time anyone checked staying in a box for days isn’t magic just homeless. Be sure to catch the movie March 15, 2013. Trailer below.

More Trouble for Comedian Katt Williams?

We’ve been trying to avoid the train wreck, commonly known as, Katt Williams, because the once popular funnyman seems to be getting into trouble every other day. If you don’t know,  he’s been getting into a string of bazaar altercations in the past month – from bar fights, to strange stage behavior, and even physical assaults — and, according to TMZ, it looks like the drama train kept rolling for Williams on Thursday night.

Katt Williams, was apparently waiting for his tour manager, Suge Knight (did you know Suge Knight was his manager!?!) outside of Subway sandwich shop in Cali, when police, who received a phone call claiming the comedian was involved in some type of “disturbance”, rolled up, handcuffed him and placed him in the back of a squad car.

Now, he was eventually let go but he tells TMZ that police found a gun and weed on him but let him go because he had licenses for both. Police on the other hand say all they discovered was an empty clip for a .45.

What the so called disturbance was, no one knows. A Subway employee says he didn’t see anything rowdy go down. 

In any case, this basically boils down to minor brush with the law. He wasn’t charged with anything, which is good cause he has more important things to worry about.  At least he and Suge, who was busy getting a mani and pedi at the time, got their sandwich’s (we assume they 5 dollar foot longs). 

[Cited//Photo: TMZ]

NY School Scares the Crap Out of Teachers, Students with Unanounced Saftey Drill

With all that’s happened the past couple of days regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, it’s understandable that schools everywhere would want to review their safety procedures. But if you’re going to hold a lockdown drill, you might want to inform the teachers and students that it’s, you know, fake.

That was not the case with P.S 79 in East Harlem, on Tuesday, when school officials scared the shit out of teachers and students, still rattled by the CT shootings, when they decided to have a drill and forgot to let them know.

One teacher told the New York Times, “We really thought we were not going home that night. It was probably the worst feeling I ever had in my life.”

The lockdown drill caused panic, in the morning, when a random voice came over the loudspeaker screaming ” ‘Shooter,’ or ‘intruder,’ and ‘get out, get out, lockdown,’” a staffmember said. So naturally, with children “trembl[ing] as they crouched in corners trying to hide”, someone called 911, who sent police on the scene only for them to be informed that it was, in fact, a drill.

How the hell could something so idiotic like this happen? A spokeperson with the New York City Education Department would only say, “We are looking into how this drill was conducted.”

[Cited: NYT // Photo via]

Gift Idea: Analog Wooden Watches From Lorenzo Buffa

What better way to bring a little nature into this crass, commercialized gift giving holiday, then with the analog Wooden Watches by, industrial designer, Lorenzo Buffa? The strap is flexible, covered in wood, and scream “I don’t need diamonds to tell the time.” And they just look fucking cool.

You can (and probably should, if you want to be original) grab one of these suckers for the man or woman in your life, over here.

[Photos//Cited: Buffa]

25 Car Pile-Up In LIE Crash, One Dead

That picture alone is worth a thousand words, but here are the only ones you need to read: Around 2:38 this afternoon, a huge car crash, involving “at least 25 vehicles” according to police, took place on the Long Island Expressway.  Gothamist reports that, the crash took place near Exit 68 at the William Floyd Parkway.
As you can probably tell from the photo, at least one tractor trailer and another car caught fire. Jimmy Batjley, a witness, speaking with WNBC says, “All we heard was crashing behind us, it sounded like thunder.” He says,  “Looking back, all I saw was glass and metal, and they went right past us, at least 40 miles per hour.”

Miraculously, police say, only one person was killed in the crash.

[Cited: Gothamist // Photo credit: WABC7]

YouTube’s Impressive 2012 Rewind

2012 has been a hectic year and YouTube has caught it all. Catch up on some of the highs and lows of this year with a very comprehensive collection of all the greatest YouTube hits and sensations of 2012. Each collected video is chock full of this year’s cultural phenomena. Missed out on something you did not even realize it’s all in one place for your viewing pleasure. Haven’t seen Psy’s smash hit “Gangnam Style” or it’s many remixes, Sh*t Nobody says, a pissed off father, experienced linsanity, the revival of Tupac, the competitiveness of the Olympics, and our arrival on Mars YouTube has got you covered. 
From Kony 2012 to the 2012 presidental debates (standard and autotuned) YouTube has it for you. 
A testament to creativity of the individual and the viewing power of the collective.
 Enjoy 2012 again.

Surprisingly a disturbing lack of “She Racheet”…

Man Hit By 6 Train, Police Close 4,5,6 Line Trains

[Update below] Reports are coming in that a man was hit by a 6 train on 23rd and Park Ave.. Police aren’t saying much at the moment but apparently the unidentified victim was stuck underneath the train and the subway has been temporarily shut down.

Via Twitter

The body has been removed and their are reports there’s “Head Truama” to the victim.

We’ll update as more info comes in.

Update 7:11pm: It looks like the man purposely jumped in front of the train and most likely die from his injuries. While he’s been identified as a white male in his 40’s, his name has not yet been released. 6 Trains are currently running again but skipping 23rd street.

Watch: 9-Year-Old East Flatbush Rapper’s Song in Honor of Sandy Hook

9-year-old kid rapper, Amor “Lilman” Arteaga, was so struck by the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut, he decided to pen a song in honor of the victims. 

The East Flatbush fourth grader, who had a youtube hit with another positive tune called “Pull Ya Pants Up” awhile back, uploaded his new joint, Stop Da Violence”, on Saturday and the video shows a group of youngsters begging for an end to gun violence . It may seem like the musical tyke works really quick, but he actually started working on the song in the fall. The events at Sandy Hook Elementary, sadly, was just serendipitous. 

Check out the video here and let us know what you think in the comments. 

[Cited//Photo via: NYDN]

Sorry, Instagram Now Owns All Your Pictures

Is it any surprise that after it’s purchase from Facebook, that Instagram would be up to some shady shit?  But it seems, their anouncment that they have “the perpetual right to sell users’ photographs without payment or notification,” isn’t going over too smoothly. One faithful user says, the company has just signed their “suicide note.”
Much like their parent company often does, Instagram, has ruffled some feathers with this new policy, which takes effect on January 13, 2013 (What do you mean you own that picture of my breakfast?). According to CNet, “Under the new policy, Facebook claims the perpetual right to license all public Instagram photos to companies or any other organization, including for advertising purposes.” Uh, that means you don’t own your shit anymore. That’s kind of creepy and, not to mention, fucked up. 

And as it turns out, if you continue to upload photo’s past January 16th and you decide to delete your account, Cnet says, you still would have given Facebook the right to publish your back catalogue of pictures (say what not!?!).

This goes way beyond what other tech companies, including Google and Yahoo, do with their policies. 

We asked this in an earlier post, but what is this going to mean for Instagram? Are people going to just lay down and take this insane, exploitative move by the tech giant?

[Cited: Cnet // Photo via: CBS  ]